Timeline Questionnaire + Templates


Timeline Questionnaire + Timeline Templates

A timeline questionnaire to send to your clients before the wedding day that gives you ALL the answers you need in one click and also gives them TIPS & instruction for things to have ready for you as well – saving time and leaving you no chance to forget to tell them something! BUNDLED WITH the questionnaire are TWO different timeline templates! You can then take the information given to you in the questionnaire and within minutes create a timeline that perfectly fits their day.


These items will create a process for you of laying out all wedding day coverage expectations. It’s simplicity eliminates so many back and forth emails & questions (“what time will you arrive?,” “what time should I put my dress on?,” “what time should the first look be?”) + allows everyone to be on the exact same page in such a seamless way. All expectations for the day are concise and clear, you have the time need and they have zero stress. They have visually & verbally signed off on the layout of everything so that you can feel 100% confident that they are aware of the timing you have for events.

What is included?

-timeline questionnaire PDF info to insert / customize in another editable document form (Honeybook, google doc, email, etc.) to send to couples 1-2 months before the wedding
-questions asked will cover all details of the day
-additional questions that are SO helpful to know
-tips for your couple to make your job + their lives easier
-TWO timeline templates to start from each time
-FAQ + advice on everything including family photos + flat lays
exactly how I outline a wedding day
install guide for Honeybook (can also be used in many other ways including a shared google doc or just simply in an email, if you don’t have Honeybook!)
-email template examples!

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**After purchasing, you will receive an email with 3 different downloadable items. If you run into any problems please email me at hello@peytonraineyphotography.co